We all come to earth and receive a download. We go from the abyss of yet-to-being, to a moving thing with a soul + identity. Our identity is software that we download when we enter the system out from the womb. This software is what I (and many others around me and before me) am trying to disrupt, deconstruct so that we can be free. Photos by Ayisha Gariba.



BIAKOYE is a Women's entrepreneurship project belonging to the Obrapaa Group based in Accra, Ghana. Our mission is to use collective action to facilitate economic self-sufficiency and digital literacy programming in order to financially empower women through their art. All pieces are handmade with recycled glass beads in Accra. Photos by Sierra Nallo.



With the help of l'âme inconnue, a creative management firm with a commitment to the integration of African designers into the Western marketplace, Barkers-Woode, and Wild Moon Jewelry have collaborated for a special project. The innovations of both brands have inspired the following “New Africa” campaign aimed at changing the perception of modern day African style. Photos by McKenzie James.

WM x Barkers Woode


Understanding wealth in all its forms means recognizing the abundance provided and continually flowing from Mother Earth. Like a Cascade - the abundance flows deep down - I feel it as love gathering into a pool of abundance deep within me. These waves of newness, difference, and transformation bring the magnifying glass on us, and helps us to identify the space in our lives for our redemption so we can live lives of true substance. Photos by Jeremy Brewster.