Here comes my soul

Am I living, or am I loving? I turned 27 last week and I felt full of love. I did not celebrate with a party, I stayed home most of the day, working on my website and hanging out with my Mom and Grandmother. My best friend and boyfriend joined us for dinner, and we shared a cute small chocolate cake that my mother bought at the grocery store. I went to R.I.S.E Poetry Slam Night with a few longtime friends and listened to young people bravely pour out their souls.

Since I have just come back from 8 months in Trinidad, I have been taking time to adjust back into (North American) city life. It is not moist or tropical or steaming like Port-of-Spain, but it is familiar. In light of the recent mass and racially targeted shootings and the BLMTO activism I've been trying to breathe deep, and vision a better way forward. As a young person acutely aware of her blackness and diaspora identity, I want to be aware of and define how my Africanness travels with me.

Over the past few years, travelling has helped me to understand the many forms of wealth. Recognizing my god given talents and strengths and how they shine through my life experiences. I have learned to be aware of how I am received in spaces - picking up vibrations - where I find love vs. where I experience otherness. I want to deconstruct all my hurt, contempt, mistrust and accept the truth that everything is within me. I want to deconstruct tradition and reconstruct a new African/Human sensibility, through the creation of artifacts. This is my talent and I offer it up fully to an afro-future that resists, and that stands the test of time.

Wild Moon Jewelry's 2016 collection is the beginning of this journey to a new self-love and a new self-story. It examines reconciliation and finds the space for conversation about how we hurt and therefore, how we hurt others. Honest conversation about holding hands with our pain and drawing out a new conclusion that puts empathy first. 

Wealth is made of many layers. Mother Earth doesn't care about the followers, the gossip or the egos. From a plane at 40000 ft up I was witness to Her expanse and her ability to provide abundantly for us all. I realized how Mother Earth cares for us, we must also care for each other, especially in this changing time. I realized how small we are, and then how our egos must be much smaller, egos made even more minute by their non-physicality. I therefore commit time and space to imagining a better future, one that is as radically inclusive and non-discriminatory as the elements air, earth, water, and fire.

How to apply these realizations to my every day thought process? by naming each new wild moon piece for places, people and feelings that return me to my core, and by using recyclable and environmental friendly materials as much as possible. How to commit to a new way of believing in myself and the power in my insignificance? be proudly humble, and bravely honest, walk with your olive branch. How can I reconcile more fully, and more proudly? step past forgiveness, past what first meets the eye and into the cell, where we bear witness to the sameness and the uniqueness of our inner parts. 

The Wild Moon goes deeper inside her self for the 2016 Cascade Collection. It is a collection signifying the waves of difference, or newness that bring the magnifying glass on our faults and identifies the space for our redemptions.