YES PURE (an ode to GHANA)


Wild Moon Jewelry's 2018 YES PURE collection is inspired by the women that I observed carrying water in Ghana. Big bowls of pure water sachets balanced delicately on their heads, providing sustenance to people with effortless grace. Between cars, and on their heads, they quench the thirst of anyone who wave for their attention. They call out “yes pure” to let you know they are coming. To me, it felt like a life truth whenever I saw them pass me by.  Women, a woman, givers of life, carrying and giving life again, every day. 

Flashback to someday in September 2017: I tried to relax into my seat on a packed tro-tro (public bus in Ghana) and drank the cool purified water I just paid 0.50 cents for. I was uncomfortable, not just because I was cramped and sweaty, but I sat with the fact that my temporary need for water on the go was contributing to the pollution and impurity of the whole world. I thought to myself: how to reconcile this through art?

As an artist I feel it necessary to look at life with a critical lens, finding my way to serendipitous and satisfactory “I don’t knows" as answers to the fundamental moral challenges that stir my soul. In this collaborative collection, I wish to draw your attention to how you consume, and how it plays into the interconnectedness of Mother Earth.

The new Wild Moon Jewelry collection uses a combination of recycled material, focusing on repurposed brass and glass beads with signature WM silhouettes that I am used to and love to re-create. In this collection I wanted to consider the concept of purity. Pure is defined as "free of any contamination" - a state of being that many of our essential water supplies cannot claim anymore. I pondered this truth as I designed each of these pieces from the seat of my soul.

The Kokrobitey Collection features one of a kind jewelry pieces made of recycled and repurposed materials during my artist residency at the Kokrobitey Intisutue in Accra, Ghana. Here, I explored ways of using inner tube from car tires, electrical cables, washers, recycled glass and cow horn. All recycled materials were collected from becoming waste, and I wish to allow them to live again as adornment.

The Biakoye collection is the second collection developed by the Obrapa Women’s Group. I spent most of the last year in Accra, Ghana working with my colleague Sunshine to develop a Women’s Empowerment Program that is inclusive and informative, linking women to personal development opportunities and local / international economic opportunities. This collection also features recycled glass beads and traditional African beadwork techniques that are ages old. 

My sincerest hope for this collection is that you enjoy the pieces, and move through the world honouring the water that is essential to life. Remember that BEAUTY IS U.

SPECIAL THANKS TO all the creatives who supported the process including Mecha Clarke, Anthony Gebrehiwot, Sunshine Duncan, Jade Lee Hoy, Sierra Nallo, and Ruth Titus. Models Sierra Nallo, Kate Dawson, Liane Clarke, Paul Ohonsi, Nzinga Wright, Emmanuelle K., Virgilia Griffith and Vida Mensah. 

SPECIAL THANKS TO all the organizations who have helped me put together this collection including The Obrapa Women's Group, The Kokrobitey Institute,  Ontario Arts Council, Crossroads International, Pro Link Ghana, United Nations Association of Canada and The Blacklist Media House. 

<< Photos by Sierra Nallo.