Find Wild Moon Jewelry at Stockists in Toronto at Untitled&Co and Alternative Thinking, and in Montreal at General 54 .

Photos for WM2017 Look book by Ayisha Gariba and Anthony Gebrehiwot.

The Wild Moon Jewelry 2017 'DEEP WORK / DOWNLOAD' collection was generously supported by the United Nations Association in Canada Green Corps Program. 



Asia Clarke is a magical wild woman and Toronto based jewelry designer. Wild Moon Jewelry 2017's DEEP WORK/DOWNLOAD Collection has been inspired by the process of extracting from natural environments to create art. Wild Moon Jewelry is evolving into a line that is more eco-conscious and respectful of Mother Earth. DEEP WORK / DOWNLOAD also explores the implications of being an individual who is part of a lineage that informs cultural identity. From the abyss of yet-to-being, to a moving thing with a soul + identity. Our cultural identity is software that we download when we enter the system out from the womb.  This software is what Asia is trying to disrupt and deconstruct through her art.

Since 2010, Wild Moon Jewelry has brought Asia around the world - Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, New York City, and Ghana - journeys which will continue to influence the ancient styles that define her designs.

Wild Moon Jewelry offers fine jewelry with a nature-inspired and industrial aesthetic. Our mission is to create eco-conscious designs that incorporate materials such as 100% recycled fine silver, recycled glass and repurposed brass and semi-precious stones. In addition to selling of fine jewelry through an online store and in boutiques in Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal, Wild Moon Jewelry also offers jewelry making workshops for youth focusing on sustainability and curbing consumer waste through non-profit organizations in Toronto. Currently, Wild Moon Jewelry is moving toward a sustainable future includes the expansion into a social enterprise that provides a sales platform for other sustainable eco-friendly fashion accessory designers globally, beginning with the Biakoye collection of recycled jewelry from Accra, Ghana.